Her “now” forecasts that one day she’ll have to tell her husband that his wife has a past

That she was a little too open because she didn’t think any relationship would last

Everyone makes mistakes especially when they don’t know that regret exists

She may be your only, but that doesn’t mean her name isn’t on anyone else’s list

Holding hands, pecks on the cheek, and small talk is juvenile and dull to her

She wants a real man to spend her life with, not a stunna, a player, or a baller

It’s practically guaranteed you’re not going to be the owner of her first kiss

But you’ll get the best of everything she has if she believes you’re worth the risk

Hearing, “This is my first time…” must be a beautiful thing, but realize it’s hard to find

You better look deeper, past the usage of her body, to see if the purity you seek is in her mind

Realize that the woman may change, but worth does not diminish after she’s laid with a man

Until you stop judging her for what she’s done, you’ll never get to experience what she can