Chin up, chest out
You’ve got nothing to fret about
If you’ve been defeated, you’re not on my side
And if that’s true, then you’d better run and hide
My people will never know what it means to lose
The outcome of your life I’ve left for you to choose
I’ve come to wipe away the tears you’ve cried
Only I can reward you for all the times you’ve tried
Don’t be afraid of the shadow the devil has cast
You have the authority to dictate how long his influence in your life will last
Dance and sing for the blessings that are on their way
Are you still worried that I work on a time delay?
Stop giving truth to Satan’s outrageous lies
You are the one who must sever those oppressive ties
It looks as if we might need to review
You can’t seem to remember how much I love you
All the generations of people brought together so that you could be
But you still make the amateur mistake of limiting me
I protect what’s mine and demolish all that mean you harm
No one will ever outrun the stretch of my reaching arm
I don’t ever want to be out of your sight
If I am you’ll go blind because without me there is no light
All-powerful I am, but I have a weakness for you
I not only see but feel everything you do
When you stray, I mourn and cry out that your heart may hear me
I do everything I can to warn you of the dangers you can’t see
I just want to hold you and reveal myself
But I can’t do that if you leave me on the shelf
I want to dig so deep in your soul that you’re turned inside out
Can you tell me that the world knows what that kind of love is about?
I’m calling you now, casting out my net
Hello, my name is Jesus, but we’ve already met.