I can see the terror and the weariness in your eyes
The things I told you in the beginning were not lies
I understand and I can see that you’re scared
It’s a potent mixture with your confusion that someone actually cared
You think I forgot all the little secrets you told me
It’s a bit entertaining to see your face when I bring them up randomly
I’m just a human, nothing new to who you might have met
But I’m guessing sincerity from them is something you didn’t get
When’s the last time you knew someone saw you for you
Not for your beautiful skin or the little things you do
Yes, I know, they are a part of your being
But I’d like to think you have more meaning
I’m not entitled, but I hope one day to meet someone who cares just as much
It would be a shame to have to settle for the artificial affection of a stale touch
Do you hear me, whoever you are?
I don’t know the distance, but I’m willing to travel that far
I don’t require perfection
I’m not a mistake looking for her correction
I’ve given up my search for you
Instead, I spend each day becoming good as new
The life I’ve lived has left me a little jaded
But my trust in rejuvenation has not faded
At first, I let just anyone in
But let’s face it, not all males are good men
I won’t let their selfishness ruin your gain
But I can’t promise I’ll be without stain
Please don’t rush because I’m okay,  I’m still living
It hasn’t been perfect, but God is good at forgiving
Everything happens in its time so I’m honored to wait
My only plea is that you keep your eye on the clock so you’re not late
I’ll just be here, getting all pretty for you
I haven’t the clue to who you are, but adore you I do
I don’t know your name, your voice, or even your face
I just want you to know you don’t have to worry… I’m saving your place