Time to wake up, you need to move
Why are you sleeping on the things you were once so eager to prove?
Still targets are not hard to miss
The snake moves closer with his devious hiss
Trouble is fast on its way
And it’s headed straight for the spot in which you lay
You’ve become too comfortable on this plane
You know, but take for granted the night I was slain
These blessing here and now are just for here and now
Those around the corner are far greater, this I vow
I’m not pleased with Christians who’ve gone stale
I put fire in you that you may be the head, not the tail
Your lids grow heavy and your breath is slowing
All the while, His influence is growing
The armor you were given no longer shines
And now when we speak, all I hear are your whines
What happened to the warrior who was so willing to fight
It seems you’ve been seduced by his disarming light
Wake up little soldier for the day draws near
What will be your fate when it’s my voice you hear?