A little about me? Sure, I guess I’ll share

My guess is the only ones who’ll read it are the ones who care

I love poetry, even though some think rhyming is a little elementary

Well, despite what you think, poetry has been very good to me

Words are a beauty but I’m more than just “thees” and “thous”

I’m also that girl who’s ready to go to the movies or shopping, like now

I believe many of life’s priceless treasures you can now find for cheap

But I also have many thoughts are way too shallow to be considered deep

I’d like to think that I’m well-rounded, not the owner of two faces

While proud of my looks & advantages, I want my heart & mind to take me places

Obviously beautiful words are a weakness coming from a romancer

But for someone who attempts to give words life, silence is a better slow dancer

I know it’s important to keep your feet firmly on the ground

But if you’re tall enough, you may be able to reach the sky after a few rounds

I’m curious about the future and what how my life will one day be

But I don’t let the assumption of tomorrow consume the current presence that is me

I have a serious side but I think the lack of laughter is the most heinous of crimes

It’s the smiles and giggles that have helped me through toughest times

I see fame as the beginning of the end so I really have no desire to ever get big

When you get famous they rather you soothe their anxiety than get into their souls and dig

No, I’m not sad, mad, hurt, or even cynical

I’m realistic, so the only pain I fear is the type that may lead to the clinical

I write because I have to.  I had no intention of this outcome, but there’s no other way I know to operate

Words are the hand I’ve been given to play in this game of life and what you read is my attempt to participate