Some days are harder than the rest

I’ve walked into my own home feeling like an unwelcome guest

How I’ve made it this far, I have not a clue

I know it’s not because of anything I do

I try to run from the mirage to examine what’s real

Only to find that the mirage was a much better deal

Have you ever looked in someone’s eyes wondering if it’s really you they see?

Yea me too, that’s why I avoid your line of sight when you look at me

Sometimes I give into temptation and drift toward the grave

But for the Devil to mess with God’s child he’d be so brave

The heart is restless and impossible to understand

So how foolish would one be to build a house on sand

Do I miss my time before Christ? No!

In times of joy, do I envy my days of sorrow?

The dead do not mourn for the souls of the living

Now I’ve been given breath I use for thanksgiving

The whispers from the other side are much louder than they were

A girl with a knack for spreading venom, but I’m no longer her

When you press rewind, I won’t like what you find out

But I’ve got too much work to do to sit around and pout

My mind can be such a tricky and tormenting guide

But handing it over to God means He cleaned me from the inside

I hope nothing I say is foreign to your thought

But apologizing for the change in my life, I will not