Why do you continue to doubt me?
I’ve proven myself dependable more times than you’d understand.
You have faith that I made the desert dry and the beaches wet,
Yet you think I’d fail at solving your simple problems.
You seek out man who doesn’t know what tomorrow brings, but you ignore me and I know what every second of your future holds.
Before your existence you were mine.
I put your father and mother together to create you, it was no coincidence.
You were made by me for me; you are my child and I take care of my children.
Do not compare me to a negligent mother or an absentee father.
Anything they can do, I can do better.
I don’t get distracted, I’m never too busy, and I never change my mind.
I will stop time from ticking if that is what you need to come to me.
I care more about one teardrop you cry than all the galaxies combined.
Is it that you think a problem is too complicated?
Was it too complicated for me to design nature that would create awe in every living being for lifetimes to come?
Or is it that you think the problem is too small?
Was it too small for me to give you the extra protection so that you could make it home safely that night? You know of which one I speak.
If I can help a man kill a giant, I can pay your bill.
If I can destroy Sodom and Gomorrah in less than a second, I can fix your marriage.
If I can give a blind man sight, I can cure your addiction.
I need no help, but you should take all the help you can get.
I have made plans that will not be broken, postponed, or adjusted.
By will or by force they shall be carried out.
Every path you take and any direction you turn all lead you home with me.
Some are easy, others are hard
Which path is your choice to make.
I’m here and I’m ready.
I don’t need to take a break to read the map, I don’t need directions, and I don’t get tired.
I’ve walked this path many times before preparing it for our journey TOGETHER.
I’m not a player in this game, I am the maker.
I made the rules and I’ve set it up for you to win, but you must still play.
There are no tricks, no surprises, or fine print.
All I want is what is already rightfully mine… you.
I carefully planned every minute in history to lead you here to me.
Every battle, every drop of rain, every breath taken, every life lost has brought us to this point.
I would and have done all of that for you; that’s how much you mean to me.
Our love story has already been written and I can’t wait for you to turn the page and see what I’ve got planned next.
So don’t tell me what I can’t do and I’ll tell you,”Everything you can do.”