Maybe these lines will show proof of the times and inspire a young man to have confidence in his own rhymes

Or maybe they’ll never be picked for first choice by someone with an influential voice and a respectable poise

Maybe they’ll end up on the shelf to be seen by a girl with no sense of self just looking for someone to offer a little help

Or maybe my pieces will stay locked in my heart and if I’m smart, I’ll kill the dream of writing before I even start

They could be seen by another writer who can sense I’m a fighter and so chooses to help me get higher

But they may always be just ink with no credible link to changing the way the next person may think

But what if they spur a contract? Man, you couldn’t tell me how to act.  I promise I’d never look back

Words are just scribbles in my book that don’t deserve a second look because of the chance I never took

I wonder if something big could arise if I let  the world see through my eyes, marvel at the things that money never buys

This could all be a waste with a bitter aftertaste of all the disappointments I’ve faced

But I just don’t understand how that could be if I stay true to me.  I know that’s always been the key

Not every dreamer sleeps because we know that even with courageous leaps, what we’ve gained is never for keeps

So let’s take this slow to let them know that this is only the opening act of the show

So hold on tight with all of your might because when they day begins, there will be no more night