June 1: “The human spirit is never finished when it is defeated, it is finished when it surrenders.” – Ben Stein

June 2: “If you don’t change the way you think, your life will be like this forever.  Is that good news or bad?” – William Somerset Maugham

June 3: “Given the amount of unjust suffering and unhappiness in the world, I am deeply grateful for, and sometimes perplexed by, how much misery I’ve been spared.” – Dennis Prager

June 4: “Decide what you want, decide what you’re willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.” – HL Hunt

June 5: We think it’s foolish of a person to try to grow a garden without ever planting seeds, yet we’ve all been guilty of expecting great rewards despite never working towards them.

June 6: Do what you gotta do to do what you wanna do.  Do what you wanna do because just doing what you gotta do will be the death of you.

June 7: “Never stand begging for what you have the power to earn.” – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

June 8: You weren’t given a chauffeur when you came into this world.  You will get when you need to go by taking control of where you’re going.

June 11: *I decided to go straightforward with this one* Are these quotes just something you nod at as you go on with your life doing the same thing as usual or do they have meaning?  I can set the table, but I can’t make you eat.

June 12: Genius creates great things, but it’s work that makes them a reality. – inspired by Joseph Joubert

June 13: Many people are asking for change but not as many people are working towards it.

June 14: “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living.  The world owes you nothing; it was here first.” – Mark Twain

June 15: Your sight is so much better when you look at how far you’ve come in comparison to how far you have to go.

June 16: “Yesterday’s joys may be today’s poison.” – Mastin Kipp

June 17: Thank your father because even though he’s not perfect, at the very least, he gave you the opportunity to be what you decided to be. Yes, YOU DECIDED TO BE.

June 18: “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed unless it is faced.” – Unknown

June 19: “No matter how many times the past is revisited, there’s nothing new to see.” Move on before nostalgia moves in

June 20: When we learn to master our own lives , we realize we have no need to control anything else.  Stop living as the victim of your responsibility

June 22: “I become what I am seeking instead of chasing it.” – Mastin Kipp

June 23:”Remember, other people’s judgements about you define the way they see the world, not who you are” – Mastin Kipp

June 24:”When you live for a strong purpose, hard work isn’t an option; it’s a necessity.” -Steve Pavlina

June 25: “One of the best ways to show your love for someone is to give them the freedom & space to make up their own minds.” -Mastin Kipp

June 26: Each is given his own life to own what he is given.

June 27: “How long we tolerate unhealthy circumstances is the best indicator of how long they will last.” -Mastin Kipp

June 28: “Never hope more than you work.” – Rita Mae Brown

June 29: “To become something great, you must risk becoming nothing at all.” -Mastin Kipp (MY FAVORITE QUOTE OF ALL TIME)