The same days we hear of murders and school shootings are the same days we dress to impress that jaw dropper at the club.

The same mind that wishes for a stable, attractive, intelligent spouse is the same mind that cultivated that master plan to snag the thick chick sitting in the front row.

The same friend that’s known you since 2nd grade is the same friend who knows nothing more in-depth about you than who you had a crush on last week.

The same heart that bleeds hearing the news of international tragedy is the same heart that hardens at the thought of donating $1 to Red Cross at the cash register.

The same body that is plastered on the cover of every magazine cover is the same body that little girls starve themselves to mirror.

The same person that fought for the freedom of many citizens today is the same person who hasn’t slept in a bed in years.

The same man who whispered the sweetest words in her ear 9 months ago is the same man she hasn’t heard from since she broke the news.

The same entertainers that serve as icons and role models for millions are the same entertainers that check in and out of rehab like it’s their second home.

The same hand that is used to cradle the newborn baby is the same hand used to pay for the services of the woman who works the corner after dark.

The same fingers used to grip the pen that grades the papers of students are the same fingers that grip the pipe in the basement after work.

The same girl who sat behind you for 3 years of grade school is the same girl who they held Thursday’s memorial service for after she gave up trying.

It’s always the same.  Why is it always the same?