Shout out to the woman who feel complete without a man, but still strive to be a good wife and a good woman with that rock on her hand.

Big ups to the women who take pride in their job everyday, but knows their life has more value than their annual pay.

Respect to the women who take care of what they see in the mirror, but know that it only accentuates the beauty within her

I support you sister, as you work your finger to the bone to reach that goal, especially since you’ve remained respectable in your current role

Shout out to the women who raise good men, but know and understand that times are different now compared to how they were then

Big ups to the women who see this world and know it can be a shallow place, but keep their head filled with knowledge so they’re more than just a pretty face

Congratulations to the woman who made it through the relationship that hurt her, but doesn’t let the pain develop into a chip on her shoulder

I support you sister, as you try to make love a reality in this world infatuated with fantasy, you help keep the dream alive that maybe lasting love can happen to me

Oh my diva, how proud of your essence I am and for you being proof that it’s possible, thank you ma’am.

Viva La Diva, never let the promise of a better tomorrow leave ya