Today I’d like to take on a whole new kind of task.

I would like to personally call out everyone hiding behind their mask.

Not every tear comes from pain, nor is every grin sincere

When did the beauty of vulnerability gain such a deplorable stigma here?

I truly don’t care if my words bring you a smile

If you’ve got a heart, it needs to ache every once in a while

Stop running from the affliction and pain you need to survive

Don’t tell me you believe all your little pleasures will make you feel more alive.

You must let the rain fall or the sunshine will begin to make your skin burn

How to gain the benefits from these hard times, you’ll soon learn.

I pray for the ground in your world to shake a little bit.

Maybe that’ll be the day you understand you can’t control it

Don’t simply try to feel better, but to be better

That’s the person who is the real go-getter

This isn’t my cry for help, so don’t worry about me

My worry is for you and for the sake of your humanity