Mother, daughter, sister, lover. We’re fiercely feminine.

We are a part of the female gender, but separate from the dainty stereotype.  Our bodies shaped like the curves you try to tame, but our minds sharp like the diamonds that never dull.  If you don’t handle us with care, there’s no way to avoid the damage.  Take that as you will.  She’s Flawless.

A lioness? Yea, that fits.  Second in command only to the king we elevate to our throne.  The mother that will give up her life to preserve that of her offspring.  The mother that was once independent now pours her life into her dependents.  She’s Fearless.

Feline; fickle and moody, but when we become devoted, there is no such bond that can be broken. Never to live at your feet because we cannot be owned, instead we would rather curl up in your lap to be cherished. We nurture best when we’re safe, wanted, and understood.  She’s Fair.

The true woman celebrates the differences of her male counterpart.  She understands that he is not the enemy, but an ally, her equal and opposite.  If she sees he will lead her, she will follow.  If this is not the case, realize you’re simply dealing with a female, not a woman. She’s Faithful.

Enthusiastic about her ventures and dedicated to her progression.  We will never push you aside to move ahead, but we can’t let your complacency hinder our drive.  She is your cheerleader, not your critic.  She is her own supervisor and no one’s slave.  She’s Fervent.

Only the best for you is what she wants.  Praise God for the ones who are a little guarded.  Not the ones that want to avoid heartbreak, but the ones who understand that what they have to offer is only for a special few.  Until the end she’s there, supporting your overall well-being despite your occasional bad decisions. She’s your Friend.

If you are hurt by a female, don’t blame a woman.  When you’ve experience the essence of a woman, don’t expect the same from a female.  Support a female in her growth, and encourage a woman in her journey.

Recognize the beauty and appreciate the blessing.  Fiercely feminine.