Sometimes the walls of box, I find, were built by me
It takes a forceful reminder telling me to, “BREAK FREE!”
All the hits I take wear me down; sometimes I don’t want to get up
I stay low accepting the undoubted shame of the loser’s cup
Success in this life isn’t achieved by playing a risky game of luck
Nor is it about pushing your limits to ‘earn’ a quick buck
Love isn’t something you happen to find, it’s something you make
Sex isn’t supposed to be a commodity you pay for or just take
Now music is made to eat away at your soul
And knowledge distorts the significance of one’s life goal
Religion is just an idea used to fill emptiness
No wonder we feel so lost in this time. We’ve made a mess
I’m supposed to be uncomfortable, none of this is right
The state of those around me is not something I take light
All this disgust means nothing if I stay silent
Do I really care if I don’t even try to make a dent?
Who am I to complain and then just sit?
Something about this situation just doesn’t fit
So what am I gonna do about it?