You’ve heard “I love you” before, but I’ve never been the one to say it

Maybe it’ll ring truer every time you hear this poem in your mind and replay it

I’m not naive to think this thing will last forever

But does that mean I need to fear its end while we’re still together?

This thing we got may not even last past the sunset of tomorrow

But if they keep loaning us time, we’ll take all we can borrow

What’s an artist without a love song or two?

Am I a true romantic if I don’t at least write a love poem for you?

I want an old school love with your picture in my locket

The same love that has you keepin’ my picture in your wallet

They say to live for today, so what’s the big deal?

I don’t know if I believe in forever, but I know ‘never’ is all too real

I don’t want to star in my own personal version of “Waiting to Exhale”

But I’ll take the risk if it means we can still slow dance to some Maxwell

They say, “Whatchu know about a love like that?”

My reply: “There’s no yesterday that you can ever get back”

You can promise me an eternity, but I’ll only hold you to today

Because I know you’re human and reality doesn’t work that way

If there ever comes a day that I might curse your name

I’ll remember that I was a willing player in this love game

You’re not a handyman so I don’t expect any of my flaws to be repaired

But you won’t find perfection behind these eyes, so be prepared

I will not wait in doom for the possibilities that lie ahead

Because I know that it only takes the joys out of today instead

So let’s plan for tomorrow, but live for this moment

Because it’s only a lender and we don’t own it

We can’t be dumb and rush to be fitted for engagement rings

We gotta do it differently and talk about some things

Others give their hearts away because they can’t care for it alone

But how can I expect to take care of yours if I can’t care for my own?

Love and life are not partners, but foes

Because love has rules, but in life, anything goes

We can take it all one heartbeat at a time

Keep watch over yours and I’ll watch mine

I’m not down on love; I just know it’s been misrepresented

And with a little sense and patience, its demise can be prevented

I want to experience the real thing, not the fantasy in my mind

We can do it together, but it’s gotta be done right this time