It’s about time I got pretentious, to speak from the heart like they always tell me not to do

I don’t want to die knowing I was too coward to ever attempt to scratch the surface

Below our inherited features and our exfoliated skin are skeletons. Oh, they’re much closer than the closet

And just as in the human anatomy, they play an often forgotten, yet powerful role in our lives

We take them with us every day, everywhere we go without realizing they dictate how make our every move

The skeleton I tote with me every day is my ignorance and selfishness

I live in a time that’s overflowing with communication avenues and my favorite things to spread are my complaints about leaving my warm bed in the morning

I grew up in a time and place where my biggest nightmare was losing my phone, not losing my family

Where sirens occasionally ring out in the distance, not a place where I pray to hear that help was on the way

I live in a time and place where it’s easy and even encouraged to be shallow, where treading water is cool and the subconscious term we live by is “don’t look down”

But every once in a while I’ll get caught on a heavy subject that will pull me under so far that artificial is no longer an option… it’s time to get real

Seeing the corruption and poverty of others shouldn’t be the only time I feel blessed, nor should the feeling of being lucky be my only reaction

The blessings of this life keep us afloat, but sometimes it’s good to take of the floaties and travel into the depths

As we strive to get higher, we already comfortably sit on top, but on top of whom?