The Be(a)st In Me

Orbital Flow

Steadily orbiting around my sun Chasing shadows and reflections of my moon Meteors playing within my atmosphere Gravity keeping my children close Predictions of my next move dying without living Time being created to suite my systematic flow Stargazers admiring... Continue Reading →


Comfort, But No Cure

So in my unintended (somewhat short) hiatus from blogging I’ve found myself in several situations where I’ve had to remind myself that I can be a comfort, but not a cure. Today, it’s less common to meet a well-adjusted person... Continue Reading →

Summer Sweet

Keeping up has been as hard as it is been to slow down The summer comes, the sun shines, and the discipline fades Smiles heat up as skin darkens and shades deepen Hibernation will come soon enough as skies will... Continue Reading →

Off Today

Today I feel off, or maybe just not fully on Like my day can’t quite make it past dawn Like my switch is unnaturally stuck between the two Like the day seems too stale to be new I feel like... Continue Reading →


With life maneuvering the way it does, it’s easy to lose sight Forgetting to mind the exceedingly heavy things and make light Holding on to matters that can’t be, but they just seem so right Clamoring for a dream that... Continue Reading →

All I Can Say

If I took a step off this boat, I'd probably sink straight to the bottom A blissful slumber with the fish I see in my nightmaresSo heavy with the emotions that seem to give me wings Shoved out of the... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Tale

I used to think that when the leaves fell the trees mourned Ethereal tears being released over and over again That every year, there was a massive bereavement So silly of me to think that nature was anything, but resiliently... Continue Reading →

Post Traumatic Stressed Lover

I used to be a stellar lover. Straining toward the stars Unafraid to fall amongst the dust Empowered by exposure Boycotting composure But I let tragedy and disappointment burrow As I was weak, my soil was laid bare Seeds of... Continue Reading →

My Legacy Me

In the end, what will they say about me? I try and try to find an original avenue to deliver the cliche That's the wall with a me-shaped dent I get swepted up in the trend of being novel But I must constantly recalibrate... Continue Reading →

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