The Be(a)st In Me

Short, but I mean It

My life looks like an ancient constellationA blanket of scattered bright spotsConnected by the intangible lines of creative logicA story that only makes sense if it's not required to


The Last Act

In a sense, it's the same thing all over again, right?All of life, a circle, a rotation of things that have already beenA wheel whose spokes pick up new earth, but keep the same pathA play with a new cast... Continue Reading →


High as a kite, but held back by gravity I can taste the sun, but the atmosphere can't have me The view's good up here and I lose sight up yonder I know where I'm going, but I'm inclined to wander... Continue Reading →

The Flowers

One of the best and worst things about me is that I'm extremely focused. Great thing is, I get stuff DONE. Not so great thing is that I'm very intolerant of distractions. But sometimes distractions have proven to be the... Continue Reading →

Get Out of the Tub

I'm not a fan of making someone else' situation about me, but I'm also not one to shy away from a revelation. This one happens to be a tragic one. As of this moment, a family member is expected to... Continue Reading →

Social Screening

You get older and your 'when's become 'if's Colder and your thoughts become quips Your recent posts spark but they don't produce heat Your number of followers dwarfs the number of people you actually meet The impact you make only... Continue Reading →



The battle rages on but my rage is heavier Sometimes on defense, hunched over just trying not to lose ground Sometimes with the most offensive offense claiming new ground I am not an army but I most definitely have a... Continue Reading →

An Extended Stay of Gratitude

You know, the 'Thank you's don't flow as easily The instinct to be grateful doesn't come so quickly Frustration can hang around all day But appreciation seems to lazily be on its way I have to milk that inclination for... Continue Reading →

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