The Seven

All I hear is “Control this

Control my insatiable greed

Control my urge to call it “need”

Control the overwhelming pull of lust

Control my belief that physical affection is a must

Control the wasteful habit of gluttony

Control the desire to consume everything I see

Control the perceived comfort from sloth

Control my apathy for all the time I’ve lost

Control my craving of the feeling I get from pure wrath

Control the sensation of power I get in seeing its aftermath

Control the frenemy that calls itself envy

Control the idea that the blessings of others hinders me

Alas, control this lie that says I have any room for pride

Control deceptive thinking that anything I need, I provide

All I hear is “Control this

So many homes, I have none

He says “Let’s go home” and I go here

She says “Let’s go home” and I go there

Seems I have a home a little of everywhere

I’m just Suessin’ ya

But really I think I’ve found a different home with so many

Not a location that’s ours, but a security in their presence

You say “home” and my mind says “right now, that’s with you”

Home is together  and sometimes home is alone

Yes, I have one house, but so many times I have to leave to ever really feel at home

“Home” is where the heart wants to be



Within the parameters of right and wrong, it seems I’ve drifted

The target before others I hit dead on; but my own goal, it seems I’ve missed it

I had every intention to stay grounded, but it seems I’ve been lifted

The path before me was straight and evident, but it seems the ground has shifted

I was so solid and dependable, but it’s seems I’ve melted to liquid

My brain was so easy and enjoyable to navigate, but it seems I’ve become so twisted

Never a slave to anything, but it seems I’ve become addicted

I crave the excuse that I’m just like everyone else, but it seems I’ve been gifted

We assume gifts bring joy and bliss, but it seems I’m now a misfit

It was supposed to be exhilarating deviating, but it seems it’s lonelier than I predicted

I thought this was volunteer work, but it seems I’ve been enlisted

Terrified by all this uncertainty, but it seems all the irrelevant is just being sifted

Less likely to be a martyr if I blend in, but it seems more than necessary to risk it

No Goodbyes

It’s crazy that with you, I’ll never have to say goodbye

I’ve never had to “see you when I get there” or work around your schedule

You’ve always been at my side even when I refuse to acknowledge you’re there

The times I’ve purposefully walked straight into Hell, you didn’t wait for me to return

Instead you came with, your eyes on me all times while I ran about making friends with chaos

Never out of your reach, never out of your sight, only out of my mind

There are no goodbyes leaving my lips, only “welcome backs” coming from yours

Not Guilty

*This has very little to do with One Direction*

So this past weekend I went to a One Direction concert and had the time of my life. I mean… REALLY

Over the past few months I’ve become a big fan of theirs and I’ve found myself trying to downplay and/or hide the fact that I really like this band.

It wasn’t until the concert that I began to ask myself why I feel the need to hide something that’s completely harmless and makes me happy?

My friend and I sat next to an awesome girl who told us that she’s made fun of on a regular basis for being a fan of One Direction and because of that she had to go to the concert alone (that is until she met us)!

This is my mini, much less aggressive than normal, rant on why you shouldn’t look for others’ approval to enjoy something that really doesn’t have anything to do with them anyway.

I know it’s easier said than done for most. I’m lucky I’m a young adult who lives her own life and I’m not subjected to the immature ridicule that can often be found in school, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.

If someone is offended or bothered by something you like although it doesn’t affect them at all (especially if they’re so bothered by it that they try to guilt you out of it), feel bad for them.

I’ve also heard that people would assume so much about a person’s intelligence based on something so small as them liking ONE band.  Well, much can be said about a person who uses such a small aspect of a person’s life to assume they know something as broad and complicated as their intelligence.

Let them exert energy trying to make you feel bad about something that makes you feel good.  I mean seriously, think about it: This makes me happy, but it doesn’t make you happy, so I shouldn’t enjoy it then? FALSE!

It’s hard for me to believe that anyone who would go through all that is really enjoying anything in their own life. So much of their time is wasted trying to take away something that they can’t find themselves, but no one can take something like this. You can only give away the joy of a simple pleasure. With all that’s happening in this world, there are much bigger things to fight for.  Keep the small things. They make you happy and upsets certain people. Who’s the real winner in this?


As much as I love my fellow women, I’ll never be one to chant for the power to reign

It seems there’s this increasing push and pull between genders to win this ‘game’

I was created to as a single human being who happens to be female in type

Just like him, equal but not the same, neither wrong nor right

Arguing over whose puzzle piece is better and there’s clearly no one taking the lead

Even if there was, what would the winner get to fulfill their need?

I’m strong on my own as the woman that I am

But I’m blessed to that it can be multiplied in the company of a man



Your superpower is that you can numb yourself to all sense of feeling

Mine is that I can embrace them and, when necessary, engage the gift of healing

Blemished and scarred up is the best and worst thing I’ll ever be

They’re unsightly, but as you can see, the wound isn’t what stuck with me

Physically and emotionally I’ll always have a few spots that I’ve added day by day

And with those, I’ve also gained some really good stories along the way