Your superpower is that you can numb yourself to all sense of feeling

Mine is that I can embrace them and, when necessary, engage the gift of healing

Blemished and scarred up is the best and worst thing I’ll ever be

They’re unsightly, but as you can see, the wound isn’t what stuck with me

Physically and emotionally I’ll always have a few spots that I’ve added day by day

And with those, I’ve also gained some really good stories along the way



Heartbeats and heartbreaks have a tendency to keep me up late

Deep talks and long walks evolve into sweaty palms during late-night knocks

Candies and candids give us another chance to do the things we wish we did

Sweet giggles and mixed signals sprout butterflies fluttering in my middle

Long goodbyes and heartfelt cries make me wonder if what I chose was wise

Gentle kisses and you calling me “missus” encourages me to be a little more ambitious

The feeling here is not always clear, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting you near

Cater To

When you decide to come home, the door will be locked

But with pride pushed aside I will open if you knock

If you glance at the table, it’ll only be set for one

But if you’ll open up and ask for two, consider it done

If you want company, we could always stay up together

But beg you to want me? Not now, not ever

My bed is for me unless I invite you in

Beyond that, mutual consent is required for what’s next and when

I respect myself and know I got some good stuff over here

And if I let you run a muck, that statement wouldn’t be sincere

Don’t confuse me with Miss Independent because I know I can’t do it alone

But I’m the gatekeeper of my life; that responsibility is my own

I am not a servant, you don’t own me and I don’t belong to you

But I’ll happily serve, not from demands but out of love for what I do

With Love

…And I tried to say the right thing, I really did.

I searched far and wide to find where you hid.

I only stopped because I realize I can’t save you

My constant pursuit only fuel the destructive things you do

I’m not strong enough to be your hero, a damsel in distress

The closer I get, the more you hunger for pity in your mess

My heart aches for you to stand up and take some control

To stop trying to fit all these square pegs in your circle role

My love I am your support not your enforcer

And when you climb out of your grave I’ll be your endorser

I stand above reaching down to help you up

But if you expect me to stoop, you’ll have no such luck

I cannot sacrifice myself to join your company, or lack thereof

For myself and for you, I say this with love