There are some decisions you can’t go back on

You go left and you can’t go see what right had to offer

Sure, you can live in the shadow of what was

It’s a little darker with a lot less detail and overtime you become the same

Would you say you’re happier there? Of course not

You’re just numb to the feeling of relevance

Deaf to the call to your heart

And blind to the hand that’s held out for your embrace

But hey, it’s somewhat familiar, right?

The mirror image of what you knew

Looks the same except everything is backwards now

And if you look too hard you notice all the flaws

So instead of going on the path you pledged to pursue

You went back in an attempt to resurrect the ruins of old

Sifting through the rubble and living vicariously through your memories and past feelings

You know they’re not real and if you stay there, you’ll cease to be real as well

There’s nothing left for you here, you have no need to befriend the dead

All the life this place had to offer you, you’ve already lived

My love, leave the wreckage and continue on the path you’ve chosen

A Stranger’s Heart

It’s been so long since my words have come from the heart

I can easily capture a few beautiful words floating around in my mind

I’m a pro at strategically stringing them together so they carry the imitation of sincerity

But for a while now, my heart and I have been hostile strangers

It’s lead me places I didn’t want to be, but places I needed to go

And ignoring the warning signs of apathy have proven fatal

Now that I’ve opened myself back up to the inconvenience of transparency, I’m unfamiliar with what used to be my best friend

Now retraining myself in letting my heart feel and to let my mind discern

Digging up what I let rot underground and facing the awkward breeze of letting it all air out

But even fear is no match for my spirit that is unwilling to die at the hands of myself or anyone else

A stubborn heart that has a reason to live and will fight even when I’ve long surrendered

This beast is a thing of beauty. One that will not be intimidated by intimacy, but fed by faith

It’s been starved for so long, but before I laid down, somehow it knew to prepare for the drought

I apologize to myself for giving in, but it doesn’t seek apologies

All it wants is the fredom to run a muck on all that needs to be destroyed and spark all that needs to be ignited

A stranger’s heart that is my own has not abandoned the vision even when I forfeited my sight




Which is it you want?

Humble & modest or something to flaunt

Something stable to have & to hold

Or something with no limits to shape & to mold

A little twist that requires some thought to understand

Or something more simple, maybe even a little bland

A nomad maybe, with wings to fly

Or must it be rooted at all times, lest it die?

Just make it clear what you want or you’ll get what you asked for

A plain, yet clear request can get you all that and more

Like Me

Something about you makes me want to be more like me

The encouragement to fall in love with my own personality

I can’t say that I’ve always been my own best friend

Nor that it was always my own honor that I set out to defend

But when I laugh with you, I like the sound much more

I give in to comfort that I’d never accepted before

Something about liking you makes it easier to love me

Somehow I think that maybe this is how it’s supposed to be