Like mine

It’s not at all offensive that you don’t think like me…

You say words that I would ever use but I know you’re not giving me attitude

The different color of your skin doesn’t make you an alien

Your laugh rises from contrasting comedy but as long as you laugh it’s fine with me

I could never pull of your style but that doesn’t make you wild

Your lifestyle I won’t defend but that doesn’t mean we’re on opposite ends

Your traditions I don’t quite get but that doesn’t make you a threat

Your heart beats for something unlike mine but it’s beats the same just fine


New Video: Ed Sheeran Covers Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk In Love’


I’ve (very quickly) fallen for this guy. Man, he is so talented and chill as I don’t know what

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Ed Sheeran paid a visit to New York City radio station Z100 late last week where the singer debuted an acoustic version of Beyoncé’s single “Drunk In Love”. Along with debuting the cover of Bey’s song, Ed also talked about his upcoming album  x  and his current single “Sing” that was produced by Pharrell. Catch an acoustic rendition of “Drunk In Love” above!

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Money Money Money

I convince myself I’m free, but I still seek permission from you

So many dreams pulling at my heart, but you tell me what I can and can’t do

“I need to make more money so I can…” has become the motto

Crushed by, “the only way that’s possible is if I hit the lotto”

I’m naive enough to think there’s still time to get out

But with every dream deferred I’m afraid I’m succumbing to doubt

I have no desire or intention to be rich, and that’s the truth

However, I do yearn for the funds to actually live in my youth

Not quite sure if I’m feeding the vicious monster of entitlement

Or if it’s chains that everyone assumes are normal that I’ve come to resent

Either way, something about the ‘need’ to get more doesn’t sit well

This cycle of demand with no supply is starting to piss me off, if you can’t tell

What Am I?

Have you ever wondered why you like what you like or want what you want?

Did someone embed you with the thirst of the things that draw you in?

Or did you enter in with all these things that make sense in your mind?

What makes this one so wrong and this one so right?

If you looked a different way and had a different life, would you be this?

Are you a sum of or a variable in the equation?